Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Introducing My Little Kitchen Aids- The Toddler, the Tween & The Bean

The Toddler a.k.a. "Moussey"

Big blue eyed blond ball of toddler. Refuses to take no for an answer. Has been known to throw "tantrums" and baby dolls therefore may be found seen on the staircase crying and flailing about. The former obviously resulting from the latter. Sings sweet songs about arachnids and weather. Is charming in the ways of smiling, dancing, storytelling and writing utensils. Most likely will have to potty while I am knee deep in making her lunch while nursing the "Bean" (see below) and answering the tele on the way out the door 15 minutes behind schedule...

Favorite phrase "Mine"
CHANDLER SHOUT OUT: "Could you be anymore irrational?"

The Bean a.k.a. "Budsie, Rydies"

A huge mouthful of toothless grin. Most likely to be seen lounging in another human beings arms or kicking it in some sort of modern day soothing device (swing, bouncy seat, etc.). Happy, happy, happy unless we are hungry, wet, or sleepy.

Favorite phrase "ga ga goo goo coo coo"
CHANDLER SHOUT OUT: "Could you be any cuter" (come on he has only been on Earth a couple weeks)

The Tween a.k.a "Chlomo, Schloe"

Beautiful, athletic and has a heart made of gold! She wrote the book on how to "Save the Drama for Your Mama" (lucky me). So incredibly sweet and helpful in every way. Will forever learn things the hard way and has accepted this fate as if it were black permanent marker on my new Restoration Hardware Egyptian Cotton comforter (Yes, similar to the one the toddler drew on). Most likely spending time with peers on a roller coaster of emotional turmoil. Usually seen on some sort of communicable device speaking in foreign messages.

Favorite phrase: "I don't know" and my personal favorite "Whatever"
CHANDLER SHOUT OUT: "Could you be anymore dramatic?"

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